Glass & Glazing Catalog

SSI is proud to offer to the glass and glazing trades a complete line of supplies, accessories, and tools. Our manufacturer's represented supply state-of-the-art materials to fit your needs.

If you are needing a current M.S.D.S. for a specific product try the manufacturer's Web site first or if you are unable to obtain one there, contact your local branch of SSI.

Brands Silicone

Dow Corning

791 Silicone Perimeter Sealant, Weatherproofing

795 Silicone Building Sealant, Structural Glazing, weatherproofing

983 Silicone Glazing and Curtainwall Sealant, Structural Glazing

995 Silicone Structural Adhesive, Structural Glazing, Glazing

799 Silicone Glass and Metal Building Sealant, Weatherproofing

999A Silicone Building and Glazing Sealant, Glazing

PBT, Trademate

786 Mildew Resistant Silicone Sealant, Interior Use

Paintable Glazing Sealant, Professional Quality,100% Silicone Shower Enclosure Sealant, 100% Silicone


Acetoxy Cure Plastic, Metal & Masonry Sealant, 100% Silicone, Oxime Cure


860 Silicone One-part Acetoxy Sealant

863 Silicone One-part High-modulus Acetoxy Sealant

895 Silicone One-part Medium Modulus

Neutral Cure Sealant

Spectrem 2 One-part Medium Modulus

Neutral Cure Sealant

Proglaze One-part Moisture Curing Silicone Sealant

Brands Polyurethane


NP 1 One-component elastomeric gun-grade sealant

NP 2 Multi-component high-performance sealant


Dymonic Low modulus one-component joint sealant

Dymeric 511 Multi-component joint sealant


Vulkem 116 One-part high-performance elastomer


Dynatrol 1-XL One-part Polyurethane rubber sealant

Brands Butyl


BC-158 Glazing Sealant

BR-96 Curtainwall Sealant

Brands Plastic Shims

Grove Plastic Structural shims

Rugged, Inexpensive, Convenient Leveling & Alignment

Brands Backer Rod


Standard Backer Rod

Tundra Foam

Soft Type Backer Rod

Hot Rod XL

Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam, Open Cell Polyurethane-Hot and Cold Applied Sealant Applications Joint Forming, Pliable, Soft, Non-gassing, Polyethylene Foam Cross linked Closed Cell Polyethylene for Hot Pour Applications

Brands Anchoring Cement

Minwax - POR-ROK

Anchoring Cement / Non Shrink Grout

Brands Caulking Guns

Albion Engineering

Cartridge Type, Manual & Air Powered

Bulk Loading Type, Manual & Air Powered

Sausage Guns, Manual & Air Powered

Cox North America

Cartridge Type, Manual & Air Powered

Bulk Loading Type, Manual & Air Powered

Sausage Guns, Manual & Air Powered


Cartridge Type, Manual

Brands Glazing Tapes



440 Butyl Tape

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